About Us​

Who Are We​

Welcome to Ascendoo, I’m Derek Vervoorn! My team and I love building online businesses. We’ve been doing it for over 16 years collectively! After years of trial and error using different software’s, tools, and systems for our own businesses we knew we needed a better system for finding the best ones. Thus, Ascendoo was formed to share our finding with other business owners.

Our Mission​

Ascendoos’ #1 goal is to help business owners find the best digital tools to help them adapt and grow in the ever evolving digital world. Every business is unique and can benefits from specific tools that can make scaling, marketing, management, automation, and outsource tasks a breeze. The key is finding the right products that fit your needs perfectly. That is where we come in.

What We Do

Finding the right digital products for our unique business needs are crucial for adaptation and growth. The issue is finding these digital tools can take time and can cost a lot of money if you build systems around the wrong tool. It’s difficult to know what the best options are. At Ascendoo this is what we work on every day! To help Business owners like you find the best products for their unique business.

Our 6 Step Process​

When it comes to writing information on anything, one most have experience, authority, and trust. In order to do so we follow a 6 step process.


Find & Discover​

Keeping up to date on the latest digital tools and information means keeping a pulse on the industry. When something new is created we find it.


Read & Research

Once we have a topic or product in our view we research it extensively. Each member of our team has deep experience in the digital space so we know what to look for.


Test & Review

Without testing one cannot form a proper understanding of what they are writing about. This step is for developing experience and increased knowledge on the topic.



To determine if a product is worth while one must compare it to other options. This step is designed to compare and contrast other opinions or products.



For further clarity we turn to other experts or users of the products. By consulting with other experts or reviewers it gives us priceless insight into features and drawbacks that our team might have missed.



With all the information and data collected we can construct a detailed guide on the topic covered. This is when we merge all the information into an easily digestible piece of content that highlights what you need to know.